Step 9, “Bilby – Regenerating Grass”, 9 – 12 year old:

Hello, welcome to step 9, “Bilby – Regenerating Grass”.

Please watch the next two video steps, this is a guide to what you may like to add into your landscape.

If you have researched other Australian desert landscapes, I would love to see this include in your artwork of the Bilby.

At this stage, you can start to think about what you would like to convey to the viewer of your art. Do you want to present a desert landscape that has desert flowers? Or iconic rock formations such as Uluru?

Tips on how to start your landscape:

Draw very lightly in pencil the objects you would like to include, don’t use an eraser as it will rub out your watercolour washes.

Foreground: Objects in the foreground (at the bottom of your artwork) are the most detailed and the size of the object is comparative to the Bilby. (Most of the grass details in this prototype are in the foreground)

Mid-ground: Objects in the mid-ground (further up from the bottom of the artwork) less detailed and the size of the object is smaller.

Background: any object in the distance, such as mountains or trees are very small and less detailed) Look at some landscape photos and you will see for yourself.

Tips on what colour pencils to use:

You will notice in each of the next two videos are start from light colour tones then go darker with more details.

Finish your artwork with shadow, imagine what shape the objects would cast as a shadow. (Shade in lightly with watercolour or pencil then, if you need to, go darker).

Have fun!

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