Spring 2018 School Holiday Workshops, thank you for joining us.

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Magnolia painting from Art Box Workshops
We start our spring holiday workshops with a challenge for our older students. Our “Off the edge” workshops are hugely popular. The painting will be on a canvas and each student will have their own image to work from. This workshop is skill based and builds on techniques achieving wonderful results
Cost: $99.00 including GST including materials morning and afternoon tea.

painting of a unicorn at Art Box Workshops
Unicorns are so incredibly popular Julia has designed one to delight our younger artists. Not only do they paint a unicorn, but it will be on a canvas, using some pearly paints to really delight our students. We suggest securing a place early.
Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

Balmoral painting made at Art Box Workshops

Julia loves to offer a local landscape for the older students to paint. The students learn to understand distant, middle and front fields, using a pallet knife with textural medium to achieve a more gestural feel to their works on canvas. This may look simple but will be challenging for the older students underpainting and then to confidently apply gestral marks to signify diffrent aspects of the landscape.
Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

Spring flower painting created at Art Box Workshops

On Friday, we like to finish the week in a more playful way and this workshop is great fun. Our students will do interesting background techniques before designing their flowers. We will design several flower possibilities for the students to choose from to create unique works.
Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

cat paintings from Art Box Workshops students

A wonderful workshop which starts with a special background technique and then an in-depth drawing experience.  Our younger students never cease to amaze us with their aptitude. We teach new skills, step by step so that they can all be delighted with their works which they take home framed.
Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

A wonderful watercolour painting day with Julia, with the students painting a series of native flowers with which they will create a lovely concertina book which they will make using some interesting background techniques. This workshop is aimed to challenge our older children, teaching them a series of new skills.
Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

Painted at Art Box Workshops

Rich colours, gold paint, lovely peacock feathers. A challenging workshop for our younger students. Lots of new skills and steady hand work with fabulous results to take home. These will be painted on pine boards.
Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

Unicorn sculpture at Art Box Workshops

We just had to finish our spring workshops with a unicorn which our students have been asking for. This workshop is for the older students will be taken step by step through the process of drawing their unicorns or Horse to have a reference and then to building a support structure on which to build their unicorns or horse. This is a busy workshop for our students and they absolutely love working with clay.

Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

wombat sculpture created at Art Box Workshops

The last 2 days are always sculpture which our students absolutely love. They love the tactile quality of clay and they have to learn how to make a structure to support their sculptures. The sculpture is however surprisingly challenging and of course, we start with a drawing lesson, showing the students how to observe from the sides and the front. The results are always amazing.

Cost: $99.00  including GST, materials morning and afternoon tea.

Discounts for Group Bookings

If one carer is able to gather a group of up to five students for a workshop and pay for the group in one transaction we will offer a discount as follows….
1 = $99.00
2 = $192.50 ($96.25 p/p) = normally = $198.00
3 = $280.50 ($93.50 p/p) = normally = $297.00
4 = $363.00 ($90.75 p/p) = normally = $396.00
5 = $440.00 ($88.00 p/p) = normally = $495.00
All above pricis include GST

After school and weekend, art club members receive a $11 discount on each school holiday workshop.