Kids & Teens art classes

Our studio will be open for face-to-face classes in 2022.
Our classes are facilitated within the inspiring surroundings of an artist’s Studio Gallery, Julia and Basia have created together with a curriculum that builds the student’s art experiences in each lesson, drawing is always the foundation and with our guidance and direction children will learn how to translate their sketches into, paintings, sculptures and prints. Each term children create works on paper to develop an understanding of how they will approach their significant framed work or painting on canvas or sculpture. Our goal is to give the children a skill-based, fun art experience in a supportive environment, as well as to instil a lifelong appreciation for art.

Term 1: Fundamentals of drawing and painting.
Term 2: Animals and natural environments, drawing, design, printmaking and mixed media.
Term 3: Drawing, design and sculpture.
Term 4: Portraiture, figurative drawing and painting.

Art class students 10% discount on each school holiday workshop.

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