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Mother and daughter team

Having a baby of my own was the spark of inspiration for starting Art Box Workshops. I found I wanted to adjust my art career to include teaching to my experiences as an exhibiting artist. It was during the times I had exhibited at Sydney’s Sculptures By The Sea that I had my first taste of teaching workshops to children. I loved the experience. I discovered I wanted to share my passion for art, and I could see I was able to inspire children’s creativity through interaction with various art modalities. Having a broad range of art mediums that I have both studied and exhibited in, sculpture and painting, I believe that children should not be limited in their art instruction to drawing and painting but should be allowed to fully explore their artistic potential and experience a variety of mediums, enhancing maximum learning in a supportive, non-competitive, creatively inspiring environment.

My Mum, Basia, has taught in primary schools and private art studios and works as an art therapist. When she suggested I could use her wonderful studio to run my art workshops for children during school holidays, I did not hesitate to take this opportunity to create Art Box Workshops.

Basia and I have worked together as a team, utilizing our skills. We work together with the planning of our curriculum, always being up to date with the school syllabuses provided by the board of Studies NSW, designing logically structured full-day workshops and after-school classes that cover every aspect of traditional and contemporary art.

Listening to the feedback from our student’s parents, we run our workshops along similar hours to a school day, supporting Mum, dads and careers with continuity of routine. Our classes are small, with a maximum of nine children, for our indoor studio and ten students for our garden studio we open only for the school holidays, enabling a wonderful art experience for the children with lots of individual attention and support.

Art Box Workshops has been providing workshops for children since 2011 and with great support from our local community, we have expanded our school holiday workshops and now run after-school art classes from Art box workshops studio Neutral Bay.

We are always thrilled with how creative young children are,  how confidently they apply themselves to their work, and their artworks are absolutely amazing.  Art box workshops organizes public art exhibitions for the students to showcase their works annually.

children painting in a studio

Art Box workshops studio Neutral Bay

Our Studio

Art Box workshops Neutral bay Studio is conveniently located  10 minutes walk from the main bus stop on Military Road and minutes walking distance from Neutral Bay Primary School.
We have a private and safe indoor and outdoor area facilitating a maximum of eight children at a time during full day school holiday workshops and after school classes.
Basia’s studio is extremely  well set up with a floor to ceiling Library of art books on one wall shelves contains every possible art material that we would need for painting , sculpture, printmaking and collage are on the other wall and the third wall is full of inspirational art, natural light floods the studio from skylights and the fourth wall of windows that looks out into Basia’s proudly maintained private garden that has a lawn and an undercover seating area for the children’s meal breaks. During the winter months, or very wet days, Basia has a large family/dinning room that the children can use for their meal breaks.

children painting in a studio

Art Box Workshops Neutral Bay studio

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indoor eating area

children in a garden

Large garden private garden area for break time