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Spring School Holiday Workshops
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Full menu of what we offered during Art Box Workshops spring school holiday program.

Art Box Workshops Spring school holiday program, we offer workshops in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture for children who love art.

16 Finalist selected from Art Box Workshops “Threatened Species Art Competition”.

Take a look at Art Box Workshops students receiving Threatened species art Awards at Parliament House.

16 Finalists selected from Art Box Workshops of the 40 finalist art works for the "NSW Threatened Species " Art Competition.

Term 4, “You and Your Family” Portrait.
Art Box Workshops has an 8 week class program that teaches young children how to draw and paint portraits.

Art Box Workshops provides an 8 week course in portraiture focused on offering skills to children so they can become more confident in drawing and painting.
Art Box Workshops after school and weekend classes. 

Landscape Painting on Tuesday’s 9.30 am – 12.30 pm,
18th October – 6th December 2016.

landscape painting art classes for adults at Art Box Workshops

Landscape painting of Sydney with Julia Sawicki
Our focus this term we will be to create a painting of your favorite snap shot of Sydney.
Sydney is one of the most beautiful harbour cities in the world, its iconic beaches and urban locations have been captured  over the years by many artists.
Now it’s our turn, I will offer a rich, skill based depth to your experiences.
Prior to painting on your canvases, I will help you fine tune your drawing skills, through some specific drawing experiences, in preparation for some wonderful painting experiences.
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