16 Finalists selected from Art Box Workshops of the 40 finalist art works for the "NSW Threatened Species " Art Competition.

Today, September 7th is “National Threatened Species Day”. We are very proud to announce that 16 Art Box Workshops students have been formally invited to Parliament House, this afternoon for the awards presentation for their artworks which were created during term three at Art Box Workshops. Our talented young artists are part of the 40 finalists selected from over 600 entries which had been submitted by primary school students of NSW, for the Forestmedia hosted event, “NSW Threatened Species Children’s Art Competition”.

Art Box Workshops had dedicated Term 3 After School Art Club to creating artworks with “Threatened Species of N S W” as the theme. With over 1000 threatened species on record this year, Art Box Workshops after school Art Club students had a distressingly large amount of species to choose from. Our students researched each species that they elected to create artworks of and the environmental factors that have contributed to the species decline.

The 40 final artworks that have been selected will be exhibited at the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney Surry Hills Library from September 9th – September 24th.
The artworks created by Art Box Workshops students are…..

  • “Hammerhead Sharks”, monotype printed collage work on paper, a work created collaboratively from our Monday afternoon class by 6 – 8 years old, Maya. B, Antonina. S, Megan. H, Joanna. M, Rinnah. C, Chloe. H.
  • “Orange Bellied Parrots”, Oil pastel and watercolour collage, a work created collaboratively from our Tuesday afternoon class by 6-8 year old, Vanessa. Z, Sarah. W, Weiya. K, Shianti. T, Chelsea. H, Lauren. W, Genevieve. D.
  • “Wedge Tailed Eagle”, watercolour and ink on paper, by Kaiya. M, 11 years old student from our Thursday afternoon class
  • “Dorrago Warratah”, wax crayon and watercolour on paper, by Orabella. D, 10 year old student from our Saturday morning class.
  • “Pigmy Possom”, Oil pastel and Indian ink on paper by Tara. P, 11 year old from our Saturday morning class.