Term one still life for teenagers

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7th September 2021 National Threatened species day


Selected finalist of the “Wild at art” threatened species event hosted by ACF, Australian Conservation Foundation.

With more than 3000 children taking part in this year’s event, The Australian Conservation Foundation showcase the fantastic artworks at an online event on 7th September 2021 National Threatened species day.   The artworks created by children help to raise awareness of Australia’s threatened animals and plants.

and our second group of the selected finalists of the “Wild at art” threatened species event hosted by ACF, Australian Conservation Foundation.

“No place to hide”, mixed media printmaking. Group artwork created by our 6 – 8-year-old.

Monday Term 2, afterschool art classes,
(26th April – 21st June, before the 2021 Sydney lockdown)

Virtual galley - Term Two - Lino prints

Term Two is dedicated to printmaking with the theme focused on the environment, landscape and animals. Our older students love our eight week Lino printmaking course. Each student creates five A3 prints that are hand-painted.
The Virtual gallery of prints is created by our students 9 – 12 years old students in our Wednesday and Thursday afternoon art classes and our Saturday morning art class for Teenagers.(April 28th of April -21st of June. before the 2021 Sydney lockdown)

Students artworks from term one classes

The students that attend our term one art classes develop confidence and skills, learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting. This year our students learned how to sketch and draw Native Australian Flowers. I offer students helpful tips whilst demonstrating step...

Adults Expressive Abstract Painting with Basia Zielinska.
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Spring school Holidays 2021:
Take a break from screens and enjoy the beautiful spring weather with your family.

Art Box Workshops will be at this time updating our website to provide both face to face and online art classes once lockdown is lifted

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Term  four – Online self portraiture course with art pack and much much more.

Christmas and Summer – Online art classes and art packs

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Art Box Workshops
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Tabs H
Tabs H
10:37 15 Feb 19
My daughter has thoroughly enjoyed Julia's art classes over the last year and a bit. It's a fun activity to look forward to after school and a healthy snack at the start, kindly offered as a part of the class, gets the creative juices flowing! Thanks Julia
Nicole Gleeson
Nicole Gleeson
21:13 24 Jan 19
Highly recommend Art Box Workshops. I am an Early Childhood Teacher at Explore & Develop Artarmon and I arranged for Julia to run weekly sessions during term 4, 2018 with the Senior Preschool children. Julia had exceptional skills and knowledge and worked with the children to create a clay sculpture of a cockatoo. The children gained great experience from these sessions, thanks to Julia's creative teaching. We will definitely seek Julia from Art Box Workshops for sessions in the future.
Richard Critchfield
Richard Critchfield
07:02 09 Jul 18
This has to be one of the best After School programmes. The variety and breadth of skills and techniques that my daughter has learnt have only increased her enjoyment and love of Art. Highly recommend this programme.
Brenda Wayman
Brenda Wayman
09:35 13 Feb 18
My daughter attends Art Box every school holidays and loves it. She has a wonderful day creating beautiful pieces of art. It is a great school holiday activity, particularly on a hot summers day, as it is held in air conditioning.
Iris Yu
Iris Yu
00:55 06 Feb 18
My Son Aiden has been attending the art class after school over a year. He absolutely loves art works with various forms. He does not only take a class during the school term but also he  does holiday workshop as well. They have all different types of aged group of workshop in school holiday.Also, the instructor, Julia, in art box is one of passionate and creative person. She is highly responsible for their pupils.
Natalie McMinn
Natalie McMinn
15:38 31 Aug 17
Julia from Art Box Neutral Bay, is a wonderful art teacher, exceptionally talented herself, has the gift of installing the love of art in its various forms to all children. My daughter is loving the after school class so much as she was worried that by going on holiday overseas she will lose her spot in the class. This says a lot about the atmosphere and the joy children experience in Julia's art class. Not only that, I was pleasantly surprised to see Julia promoting the art work of her students by entering it in various competitions. I, myself, as a parent, highly recommend Julia and her classes at Art Box, Barry Lane, Neutral Bay to all parents. Do not be surprised if your children will request to go year after year to Julia's art classes. Thank you Julia for all your kindness and great work.
Gilbert Halcrow
Gilbert Halcrow
08:37 31 Aug 17
My daughter Lolly absolutely loves her Saturday morning class with Julia. It is clear from Lolly's enthusiasm as she quickly walks to class and the animated conversation as we return home. The things my daughter enjoys most about the class compared to her previous lessons, is the level of freedom Julia gives her students to explore the various forms and skills they are working with. This Julia then supports with guidance, demonstrating skill and suggesting strategies to meet the challenges the work presents. Lolly's visual work and artistic confidence has grown through the nurturing and engaging program that Art Box offer. As a creative arts teacher and educational consultant I consider Julia to be a great practitioner. Lolly likes her because Julia is 'funny and makes her smile'.
juan liu
juan liu
05:19 31 Aug 17
Kayla has been improved so much during past one year's learning in art box. The most good thing is that she loves art more than before. And she tells me that she likes Julia's teaching and desserts. She admires Julia's artwork and hope herself would be able to draw such beautiful picture.Thank julia for your amazing teaching.
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