Forest Media Presentation at Art Box Workshops Studio by Lorraine Bower.

Art Box Workshops had the privilege at the weekend to have  Forestmedia Art Competition Coordinator Lorraine Bower do a presentation for  our Saturday morning class on Threatened species of N.S.W Australia.

 Forestmedia and Art Box workshops are working together to raise awareness with our students of the importance of native forests and woodland conservation.  This year the number of threatened species in N.S.W is over 1000, even though this is a daunting fact to comprehend, by looking at each individual plant or animal and honouring them with creating an artwork, children will be inspired to learn more about the Threatened species and understand the individual reasons for their populations decline and be open to share their views about these issues.

By the 17th of August artworks created by our students will be entered into “Our Threatened Plants and animals”. Art Competition, hosted by forest media, the art competition is open to primary age students in N.S.W. Prizes will be awarded to the best works created by children 6 – 8 years old and to the children 9 – 12 years old, there is also a prize for artworks created as a group  collaboration.  Art Box Workshops Monday afternoon art class is working on a collaborative artwork of the “Hammerhead shark”, 40 of the best artworks will be selected to be exhibited at the Surry Hills Library and individual works will be professionally photographed and exhibited with a variety of prizes to be won.  The exhibition correlates with the lead up to “National Threatened Species Day”, on September 7th 2016.  – Julia.