After school sculpture term 2 2015

Drawing then sculpting an object is the fundamental foundation of design, the children gain an understanding to the importance of having a clear vision of an idea on paper first as this  will help explore possibilities and also understand limitations of the sculptural mediums at hand.
Papier mâché for example has not many limitations in regards to what can be created, it is a light weight medium, the children have practically  no limits if they first sculpt and build up a strong armature structure, this gives the opportunity for them to create animals that can stand on slender legs and to have extended limbs or even hair to accentuate a natural representation of the animal.
Air drying clay on the other hand  has limitations due to its weight whilst it is wet also certain design elements need to be addressed  for a successful drying process and to avoid sculptures cracking.
At Art Box Workshops we are able to guide the children and talk through design concepts that will work both wet and have a very low possibility of cracking when dry.
The tactile quality of sculpture is always a favorite medium for children and as a sculpture of many mediums myself, I always enjoy the challenge of understanding the limitations of my sculptural designs ,  – Julia.
Take a look at my sculptural works at www.juliasawicki.com.au