Term two sculpture classes are two weeks away from finishing, our focus this term has been self portraits in clay and from this the students will create a second abstract self portrait inspired by Chinese artist Ah Xian.  They created a two part ghost mold in papier mâché, the children will decorate using decoupage techniques personal motifs and symbol.

The children gain an understanding to the importance of having a clear vision of an idea on paper first as this will help explore possibilities and also understand limitations of the sculptural mediums at hand.

As a teacher I actively teach each class with step by step demonstrations of how to sculpt an object on my own sculpture prototype, I find children have a better understanding by watching then doing the process.

With active teaching I show the limitations of the medium at hand, a few examples of helpful tips I share with my students is the correct thickness of clay and how to use your fingertips rather than the children’s hot palms, this helps to slow the drying process when working with clay.

The tactile quality of sculpture is always a favorite medium for children.  – Julia.

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