Wedge tailed Eagle.

Term 3 art classes at Art Box Workshops focuses on teaching children how to create artworks on the Theme of threatened species in Australia in the lead up to “National Threatened Species Day” that is held every year on September 7th. We encourage our students to create artworks on paper in various mediums and techniques   such as drawing, painting, printmaking and mixed media. Whilst our students are engaged in learning new creative skills they also have the opportunity to learn more about Australian threatened species.
This year the number of threatened species in N.S.W is over 1000, even though this is a daunting fact to comprehend by looking at each individual plant or animal and honouring them with creating an artwork children will be inspired to learn more about the Threatened species understand the individual reasons for their populations decline and be open to share their views about these issues.
The powerful and magnificent wedge tailed eagle threatened species of N.S.W.
Often it is poisoned by eating rodents and other animals that have taken poisoned baits.
One of the animals that I will be teaching how to draw and create into an artwork for the ” Our Threatened Plants and animals. art competition that also correlates with to the lead up to National Threatened Species Day .  – Julia.