Learning the fundamentals of drawing has probably been one of the most critical terms of the year at Art Box Workshops. Students in both our younger (6-8 yrs. old) and older groups (9 yrs. and older), were actively taught composition and techniques in measuring angles, size and shapes, tonal values, shadow and highlights. This term was a fantastic course learning the foundations of drawing, and we gave each student a wealth of valuable skills that will provide them with confidence in drawing for future creative projects.

The students that join our courses gain an understanding of the importance of technique. We always provide steps by step demonstrations at each of our classes. Giving each child individual attention if needed. Our younger students are encouraged to tap into their imagination and creative spirit. We mix up the course with a variety of mediums to decorate and embellish their objects and also exploring the possibilities of placing their object in an imaginary space, making each artwork a fun, colourful adventure.

Our older students focus on drawing a group of objects, learning techniques of creating a composition and looking at spacing and the relationship of each of the objects in a group. They also experience a variety of mediums such as lead pencils, charcoal, Acrylic paint and watercolour. I actively teach the various applications of each of the mediums to guide our students to have precise results.

During the last four weeks of the term, each student had the opportunity to draw and paint their favourite objects, with the skills and techniques that they had learned from the beginning of the semester. They each sketched and painted a single object, or for the more challenging a group of favourite objects, please take a look at the above video and the beautiful artworks created by our students at Art Box Workshops.

I am so proud of the dedication that is given by each of our students, and I am grateful to have parents and carers that nurture the creative spirit of their child, I strive to make each students art experience with us a memorable one. – Julia.

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