Abstract painting at art box workshops

Abstract art at Art Box WorkshopsOur 1st Term of expressive abstract art exploration is coming to an end. We will be celebrating this week with a picnic and armed with our sketchbooks we will sketch shapes in nature which we are drawn to, shapes which will add to our unique, individual, mark making, a foundation for our expressive abstract painting.

We started off by exploring tone value and mark making with a wide variety of black mark making “tools” and quickly progressed to paint. The resulting studio paintings are fabulous.

We are ending our term by embracing some colour principles, starting with the joys of complementary colours, in preparation for next term.abstract painting at Art Box workshops

We will be experimenting with at least 3 ways to start an abstract painting.

My lessons are designed to encourage every participant to truly embrace the joy of painting and making art.

I nurture each student on their creative journey, encouraging individuality whilst demonstrating endless skills and possibilities, bringing out the very best in my students.

Does this sound like the creative group you would like to be part of?

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