Paint Your Inner Goddess


The Goddess Expressive painting workshop was valuable ‘me time’ in a busy life where me time is not always able to be chiselled out of my schedule. It was a wonderful balance of indulgent, introspective, expressive and connective. The facilitators, Basia and Julia, bring their gifts together in a way that really supports the creative expression of the divine spark in each participant.

Bree Calarco

Our intention for the evening was to create a beautiful inspiring space for like minded woman to connect with themselves and each other on a soulful deeper level, we created a meditative and creative workshop dedicated to awakening the Goddess within and to discover your personal symbols.

Basia and I had a wonderful time earlier in the day getting ready and preparing the art studio for the goddesses arrival. I created a beautiful altar in the middle of our studio with fresh flowers, crystals and tealight candles dotted throughout the room, incense and mellow music at the ready to create a luxurious and inspiring ambience, perfect for our goddess guests arrival.

At 6.30 pm half an hour before the goddesses arrive from a busy working day, mum and I added the finishing touches to make a sacred warming space for our muses to seek refuge. I started warming up some hearty vegetable soup and poached pears with rice pudding, filling the air with warm, sweet vanilla, herbal tea brewing and candles now all lit and twinkling in the warm dimmed evening light, setting a glittery trail from the front door to the studio.
We were ready.

At 7 pm our guests arrived, after introductions and tea, we created sacred space and set intentions for the evening’s event. I introduced everyone to our studio and the mediums that they were invited to use. I presented a short demonstration on sketching, mark making, colour, line, embellishing, sponging and stencilling, all optional elements during the artwork creation. Supper was then served to fill the belly with warming yummy food, then Basia led the group on a soulful journey of personal discoveries which our goddesses expressively painted for the rest of the evening.

Basia and I would like to thank each one of you for being brave and taking that first step in making some time out of your busy lives and treating yourselves to a little “me time”, reconnecting with yourself and paint from your heart.

We hope to see you again at our next Inspire workshop, an “Introduction to Expressive Painting”, click here for more details. 

Creatively yours

Julia and basia