During the Spring school Holidays why not enjoy the beautiful spring weather outside with your children at the Royal Botanic Gardens,  or go and visit  Surry Hills Library . At both of these Sydney locations throughout the month of September is a very important children’s art exhibition of  “Threatened species of N.S.W.” 

Thousands of children throughout N.S.W had submitted artworks, they have each played an important roll of contributing to bringing awareness of the threats and plight to both animals and plant in N.S.W.

Finalist works were selected and awarded prizes last Thursday September 7th, on National Threatened Species Day  at Parliament House hosted by Mark Person M.P, Animal Justice Party.  

Finalist works selected, 5% of all artworks submitted are on exhibition now so please take a look at the many different species being threatened today from loss of habitat from land clearing, pollution and predators.

Three group works by Art Box Workshops after school art class students got selected as finalists in congratulations to Madeline, Ruby, Tara, Emma, Shianti, Vanessa, Kayla, Lulu for 2nd place.

sooty owls painted @artboxworkshops

Congratulations to Max, Ava, Audry, Jack, Jessica, Sebastian for a Highly Commended

Goanna painted @artboxworkshops And also a congratulations to Annabelle, Emilie, Joanna, Katy, Ava, Aiden, Sienna, Evie, Toby for being a finalist for.

We love the theme of Australian threatened species for the children’s work, it is a wonderful subject, very much enjoyed by the children, which we use as a foundation when teaching our skill based curriculum.