“Hi I’m Heike Tara’s mum, my daughter Tara started Art Box Workshops a few years ago and the reason why she started is that she is very creative, she loved art and I wanted to find a program that would nurture that for her.

Tara has learnt so much in techniques, thing that I wouldn’t be able to teach her, she has a greater understanding and appreciation, the one thing that I love is we always come and it is the most relaxing and calming time, it unwinds her from school work, from sporting, everything and it just gives her that nice relaxed flow, it influences our family life.

I would highly recommend Art Box Workshops to other parents, it has been the most rewarding thing that we have done.” – Heike

“It has been an absolute joy to teach Tara, I will also add that Tara’s artwork, “Pigmy Possum”, entered into the Threatened species Art Competition in 2016, was awarded at Parliament house second place and first place for people’s choice award.”- Julia Sawicki, Co founder of Art Box Workshops.

Art work of Pigmy possom by Art Box Workshops student Tara Pilbeam

Image of artwork by Tara Pilbeam