Art Box Workshops, taken from a transcript of a recorded Testimonial by Peta

“Hi, my name is Peta, I’m a local Neutral Bay mum and I have two of my children attending  Art Box Art Club. Madeline has been coming for around three years.

Lauren is one of my younger children, she has been coming for around two years and I think she saw some of the work that Madeline was bringing home and she would join me to collect Madeline after class. She could see the way that the students got to develop a work over a period of time, I think she really wanted to be involved in that.

This term the girls are doing portraiture and they really learn some of the theory and some of the different methods in the art world for portraiture before they embark on their final work. I think the luxury of having a term to explore a theme and the two hour duration of the lesson really gives them time to immerse themselves in that concept.  It’s also long enough so that it’s not just a quick half hour lesson, it’s a nice block of time so that they can switch off and just focus on their art.

I really like that Julia and Basia are true artists, Julia has a fine art’s degree and Basia has been involved in art for a long time and through primary school teaching as well as an exhibiting artist. I think sometimes, when I’ve looked at classes for the girls, they seems to be by someone who has loved art as a hobby, and then decided, “Oh I could run some classes” so what I was looking for was a bit more, still a great fun enjoyable experience but also an opportunity for the girl to learn something concrete about the way art is developed and the way an art work is produced. They are building on their knowledge like they would if they were learning an instrument or playing a sport. Coming to Art Box Club is not just a craft afternoon, it is developing a skill.”