Tiger Painting from Art Box Workshops Winter school Holidays

Since our inaugural Art Box workshop, over six years ago, Basia and I, Julia, have created literally hundreds of workshops for our young students.

Each workshop is designed and tested as a prototype.

Our students create their artworks and give us lots of feedback. Whilst most of our workshops have been successful, a few have not. We also regularly ask our children what kind of workshop they would like to do.

We believe we know what they like and how to provide an environment conducive to creative maximization.

So what in fact do young artists want to be creative?

Before answering that question, I have to say that we believe that all children are creative, some may start off with a more natural inclination, however every single child learns skills they can use to tap into to express their creativity.

At Art Box Workshop studio we don’t focus solely on art materials.

Our aim has always been to provide a comfortable, nurturing, supportive environment, where our students feel safe to try new skills, and they often come with friends for a really great day out.

Our studio is in a lovely garden setting, a beautiful studio space, a lawn for lunch picnics and a table and chairs for outdoor food breaks. On wet days we open our family room so that our students have a “homey” feel for their day out.

We also provide healthy morning and afternoon teas, and we have learnt over the years which foods our students really enjoy.

Then there is of course the actual art.  We are process not product oriented, we teach the children to be respectful of each other’s works, however, the end of day achievements are marvelous.  We nurture individuality whilst teaching skill based projects, incorporating drawing, design, colour theory, painting, collage, printmaking and sculpture.