books created at Art Box Workshops art classes for teenagers

Concertina Books of threatened species

Concertina Books of Threatened Species

Our teenage students had the opportunity to create a concertina book to display the threatened species that they were most concerned about, descriptions of each artwork from top to bottom.

The barrier range dragon by Lucinda
Lucinda chose The Barrier Range Dragon, painting their amazing desert rocky landscape habitat, with feral cats included in her scene a major threat to native reptiles.

Grey-headed flying fox by Amelie
Grey-headed flying-foxes aren’t small in number, but the population is decreasing rapidly, and they are listed as endangered. Their forest habit is being destroyed, and humans perceive them as pests.

Little bent winged bat by Robbie 
Little bent winged bats are a local to Sydney Harbour roosting in stormwater drains and caves along the east coast, climate change, urban development and feral cats are their main threats to this cute little bat.

Superb fruit dove by Izabella
The Superb Fruit-Dove is a brightly coloured pigeon found in Australia and Asia. It is a threatened species due to climate change impacting their habitat, and lack of food availability.

Fur Seals, Grey Nurse Sharks, Weedy Sea Dragon
These three marine species are under threat of extinction due to oil pollution in their habitats. They are also dying from consuming plastic and becoming entangled in abandoned fishing gear.

Video of the creative process