The Easter holidays were so much fun for the primary school students that had joined. Each school holiday, we provide full-day workshops that are age-appropriate for young students just starting to explore art aged 6 – 8 years old and older students seeking more challenging concepts, mediums and artistic direction. For example, our youngest students. In the first workshop, they imagined lying on the grass and noticing what they saw, including bugs, butterflies and flowers, all added to the lovely painting, making each image unique. To follow, Our Older students loved painting the beautiful King Parrots.
This particular species of bird is frequently spotted nesting at Cremorne Point.
The famous “Gang Gang Cockatoo” workshop for our younger students involved mixed media and collage techniques in developing a stunning portrait of this threatened Native Australian Bird. Our students learned about the Gang Gang Cockatoo whilst creating the paintings. 
The Koi fish painting, influenced by Japanese cultural traditions, represents strength and success. The results from this workshop were fabulous, and the students learned about the Japanese tradition and history of this iconic fish.
Kandinski-inspired artworks were created by our younger students, who had fun painting simple square shapes onto the canvas, visually learning through the practice of colour mixing and application. We started the full-day workshop with a colour theory class specifically created for our younger students to enjoy. This particular workshop is a regular offering for the youngest students, as seen in our previous school holiday workshops.
The older students also celebrated colour with a mixture of mediums for the creation of Rainbow Lorikeet, Australia’s favourite native birds that frequently are seen in our neighbourhood.
The Australian landscape is rich in images, and Uluru is a beautiful introduction to painting an iconic Australian landscape for our youngest students.
And to finish our Easter series with sculpture, older students sculpted a lion’s head, and the Royal Easter Show inspired the clay slab pot decoration for our youngest students.