Art box Workshops has been invited to exhibit at North Sydney councils ‘In Transit’ art space during the North Sydney Children’s Festival in October. This years theme is Animalia, and we have been developing workshops that represent North Sydney, showcasing animals in our local area, so far from our Easter series, we will be selecting artworks from the Cockatoo, Brush Turkey and Rainbow Lorikeets workshops.
We develop and demonstrates different methods and materials to create artworks giving our student’s the opportunity to try various mediums; for example, the ‘Rainbow Lorikeet’ workshop had four layers of a different medium.
The first layer is a pencil sketch of the birds and bottle brushes; students sketched a couple of compositions choosing there favourite to then draw onto quality watercolour paper.
The second layer is to paint in the background with Micador watercolours brushing in a wash and being challenged to gradient the colour from light to dark.
For the third layer we used Faber Castel connector pens, the fine tip and variations of colours were perfect for the bottle brushes and was great for base colouring the birds.
For the last layer, we used Monte Mart oil pastels to blend and shape the multicoloured feathers of the Rainbow Lorikeets.
Students finish off the day framing their artworks before taking them home.

We look forward to seeing the wonderful creations of Animals in their environment in Term two art classes.

Creatively Yours

Julia Sawicki and Basia Zielinska