Threatened species group artwork created at Art Box Workshops

120 cm x 93 cm Cool Owls of Sydney

Cool Owls of Sydney

We chose the Powerful Owl because we thought it looked cool, being so large with its massive claws and being able to catch and eat such large prey such as possums. We love the fact that this giant Owl lives so close to our homes in Sydney, but unfortunately, the increase of land clearing for residential homes in Sydney and woodland clearing for agriculture in NSW is creating fragmentation of suitable roosting places for the Owl and prey is becoming more scarce. We each drew the Owl and created Lino prints that were then each set onto a Sydney landscape at sunset, the more we build, less wildlife will choose to live in our city’s, towns and suburbs, let us hope for a greener future so wildlife and people can co-exist.
Art Statement written By Kyte Liu
Group artwork created by Art Box Workshops students 9-12 years old
Angelique, Harry, Jack, Katy,  Kyte Liu, Tara, Alexander, Natalie, Harrison,

Video of the creative process