Group artwork created at Art Box Workshops

Brolga Gathering on Limited Wetlands 150 cm X 90 cm

Brolga Gathering on Limited Wetlands

Our younger students chose the Brolga Crane, as it is one of Australia’s largest and most iconic birds. The name comes from the Aboriginal language Gamilaraay, in which they are called Burralga. Our art class was fascinated watching their courting dance, and Aboriginal legends and dances are associated with the birds mimicking their unique graceful movements. Brolga Cranes are dependent on wetlands. The main threat for the Brolga in NSW is habitat loss, with wetlands drained for agriculture. Our students painted a wetland sanctuary for a flock of Brolga. Each drawing created a collagraph print of the birds, capturing a moment of a Brolga gathering that they hope to see for themselves in the future for many years to come.

Artwork created by Art Box Workshops after school art class students 6 -8 years old
Max, Ava, Madison, Nadine, Paddy, William Campbell, India Campbell, Danial Edwards

Casting Shadow on Sunshine Wattle

Urban development is casting a shadow on sunshine wattle threatening this bright sunny flora to die out in NSW, our group of students wanted to celebrate the beautiful colours of the sunshine wattle with an abstract representation using monotype printing methods to represent this threatened species that they hope will not disappear forever.