We are delighted with the community we are creating through our monthly Expressive Painting workshops.  Our first workshops have been deeply enriching profoundly and unexpectedly enlightening. There is authenticity and integrity in expressive painting and of course, the outcomes, artworks, can be very beautiful.

It is important to state here that the goal is not necessarily to create a beautiful artwork, however with the aid of the skills taught at the beginning of the sessions, it will be easier to simply relax and enjoy the process.

We learn a lot from one another – every one of us responds in different ways.

These workshops are an opportunity to learn some art skills, which then enable you to relax and following a meditation, to paint expressively in a non- competitive, non- judgmental environment.

We provide a nurturing, supportive environment, all art materials (though feel free to bring your own), some delicious supper and a gorgeous studio space holding up to 10 participants, with both of us, Julia and Basia, supporting the group.

We will have a skill-based focus for each workshop and these will include colour theory, background techniques, playing with monotones, overcoming the blank canvas syndrome, composition, limiting your colour palette, mark making.  Our workshops are Expressive painting, and they are abstract, however, in abstraction, there are frameworks making the process easier.

Expressive painted created at Art Box Workshops studio We will also use meditations to help you settle down, to own your special time and to give you a focus.

Our workshops are organic, we will be listening to you and hearing about your needs, and designing workshops to fulfil those needs.

Than you Mary Driscoll, Julia Vami and Cherie Merrotsy for sending me photos of the artworks created from our last “Inspire” Expressive, Goddess painting workshop, how lovely it is to see them in your homes.

Basia and I look forward to seeing you all again at our next “Inspire” workshop on the Friday 27th July 2018.

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