Clay Horse head and papier mâché  red back spiders,
by students in years 1, 2 and 3.

Art Box Workshops sculptures from Monday afternoon class , term 2, 2016.

Our Monday afternoon class seemed to share an enthusiasm for horses, this was a challenging sculpture in clay to achieve, not only the challenge of form and shape, but also to have the balance and weight distribution just right so that the horses would not fall forward on to its muzzle.
Each student first started by drawing the horses head design. I than actively taught the sculpting process in clay on my own prototype horse head, balance was an issue and getting the counterbalance just right was a challenge for each student.
On the day of painting a unanimous vote for the distinct creamy brown and white colouring of a Palomino horse was decided with wonderful results for the completed sculpture.
Red back spiders in papier mâché also were made by our Monday afternoon class, a clever design suggested by one student was to have the spiders displayed on a web decorated with sparkles that represented the dew drops of rain. This was loads of fun with gorgeous results. – Julia.