Clay and papier mâché sculptures,
by students in years 4, 5 and 6.

Art Box Workshops Sculptures from Saturday Morning  class, Term 2, 2016

Our older  Students from our Saturday morning art chose a dog or cat to sculpt in clay and any insect that they liked in papier mâché  our older students are guided through the drawing process the animals and insects.
The children gain an understanding to the importance of having a clear vision of an idea on paper first as this will help explore possibilities and also understand limitations of the sculptural mediums at hand.
As a teacher I actively teach each class with step by step demonstrations of how to sculpt an object on my own sculpture prototype, I find children have a better understanding by watching then doing the process.
With active teaching I show the limitations of the medium at hand, our older students also actively resolve problems and we critique areas of colour, form, structure and composition whilst sculptures take form for a satisfying outcome of the masterpiece.
This is an exciting and vibrant morning class that all of the children and I enjoy.  – Julia.