Hello and welcome, creative souls! Get ready to dive into a world of imagination and artistry with our exciting spring holiday workshops. From painting to sculpting, there’s something for every young artist to enjoy. Let’s take a look at the fantastic lineup we have for you!

[MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th] On Monday, September 25th, we’re kicking things off with the “Sea Turtle Acrylic Painting” workshop! Designed for children aged 6 to 8 years old, participants will create their very own Aboriginal Inspired sea turtle masterpiece. They’ll be free to choose colours and patterns, resulting in a stunning canvas they can proudly take home.

[TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th] The artistic journey continues on Tuesday, September 26th, with our “Earth Painting” workshop. Geared towards students aged 9 to 12, this workshop is a unique opportunity to master the art of painting our planet Earth from space. Through glazing and textural techniques, our older students will create a breathtaking masterpiece that captures the beauty of our world seen from the cosmos.

[WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 27th] On Wednesday, September 27th, we’re celebrating the resilience of Glossy Black Cockatoos with a special workshop for children aged 6 to 8. In the “Glossy Black Cockatoo” workshop, our young artists will learn crayon drawing and watercolour painting techniques. Each child will leave with a beautiful framed artwork depicting these magnificent birds.

[THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28th] Calling all creative minds aged 9 to 12! Thursday, September 28th, brings us to the “Strawberry off the Edge” workshop. Participants will explore the art of painting juicy strawberries and experimenting with colour mixing and textures. Each young artist will create a sweet and colourful masterpiece to cherish.

[FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th] Get ready for a colourful adventure on Friday, September 29th, with the “Hot Air Balloon” workshop. Designed for children aged 6 to 8, this mixed-media workshop combines scenic landscape painting with creating mixed-media hot air balloons. The final works on paper will be framed, making each piece a unique and cherished creation.

[TUESDAY, OCTOBER 3rd] Teens, this one’s for you! On Tuesday, October 3rd, unlock your artistic talents in the “Bird of Paradise Painting” workshop. Designed exclusively for teenagers, participants will bring this exotic plant to life on canvas, exploring colour blending and composition to create a stunning masterpiece.

[WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 4th] Dive into creativity on Wednesday, October 4th, with our “Octopus Sculpture” workshop for teens. Teens will start by designing their octopus and then shaping it using air-drying clay. With vibrant colours and unique designs, each teen will take home a stunning octopus sculpture to be proud of.

[THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5th] Young artists aged 9 to 12, join us on Thursday, October 5th, for the “Cute Cat Sculpture Workshop.” Learn the art of shaping and sculpting adorable feline figures in clay. Unleash your imagination and create purrfect cat sculptures that will be cherished forever.

[FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6th] Our creative journey concludes on Friday, October 6th, with the “Kookaburra Sculpture Workshop” for children aged 6 to 8. Delve into the world of design and sculpting as you create charming kookaburra sculptures using air-drying clay. Add a touch of colour with acrylic paints and take home a one-of-a-kind avian masterpiece.

There you have it, a lineup of exciting holiday workshops bound to ignite your creativity and leave you with cherished works of art. Don’t miss these incredible opportunities to learn, explore, and create. Register now and let your artistic journey begin!