Happy 2019
Already children have enjoyed time at the beach or the spectacular outdoor areas around Sydney.
We create workshops that may reflect their experiences such as “Summer swimming” the student create a self-portrait of themselves swimming in the sea using techniques such as wax resist and collage.
Some students have had the experience of snorkelling with tropical fish and dolphins; this workshop plays with glazing and fluorescent paints to recreate the dazzling colours of a coral reef.
Our local Manly beach has a famous Seahorse sanctuary that we created as a workshop for the older students with layers of variations in painting techniques.
The Sydney Harbour is dazzling at this time, and we choose to create a 2D and 3D workshop of this subject.
Uluru showed the variation of landscape in our beautiful country with the vast milky way glimmering in the sky.
Koi fish at the chines gardens in Sydney is a popular tourist attraction this art workshop presented new techniques using glazing mediums to represent ripples on water.
Our youngest students enjoyed a fun portrait of a cat or dog, we then finished with a challenging sculpture workshop of the stunning Major Mitchelle parrot with its magnificent pink coloured feathers.
Each child takes home a hand made artwork that reflects there summer holidays.

We wish you all a well-rested break and to be energized for term 1 2019

Creatively Yours

Julia Sawicki and Basia Zielinska