I start with the fundamentals of drawing, teaching the children how to see the shapes first of the objects and showing them techniques in how to measure proportions and angles, I then focus on tone variations, shadow and light to then create the form of the objects in pencil, charcoal and introducing colour with pastels.
Fundamentals of painting start with watercolour, this is a challenging medium as it works in reverse to acrylic starting with light washes to dark denser textural and shadow details, the challenge is to keep the beautiful nature of the watercolour effect.
Demonstrating how to use acrylic is the final process I teach, I go through the process of how to build up the painting I go through colour theory and mixing to create tonal variations and to develop the form and texture of the objects they are painting. The children love the final works they produce because they are of there favourite things.

I look forward to you joining us for our Easter school holiday workshops.

Creatively Yours

Julia Sawicki