Term Four Portraiture Recap at Art Box Workshops

At Art Box Workshops, the culmination of Term Four’s portraiture classes has been an awe-inspiring journey. From primary-aged youngsters to teenagers, our students delved into drawing and painting, bringing to life stunning portraits that showcased their talent and dedication.

 Our younger students created vibrant depictions of nature’s wonders! From the laughing neighbourhood Kookaburras to the charm of penguins and the breathtaking beauty of more exotic bird species such as the peacock and the elegance of flamingos, when paired in a portrait shaped like a pink feathery love heart, their artworks dazzled with colour and imagination.

Meanwhile, our older students, from nine years old and teenage artists, embarked on a quest to capture the essence of identity and wildlife. Some chose the challenging path of self-portraiture. Others opted to portray the strength and grace of animals, embracing subjects like lions, tigers, snakes, turtles, whales, foxes, monkeys, sloths, and beloved pets like dogs, cats, and guinea pigs. As the term drew to a close, a sprinkle of Christmas-themed classes added festive cheer to the gallery of creativity.

We wish you a joyous, art-filled Christmas and a creative New Year.

Look at our summer holiday workshops at our studio in January 2024.

Kandinsky Abstract, January 15th 2024

Pay homage to Kandinsky, currently on exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW. This workshop is designed for those entering year one in 2024, in a day of creativity. This workshop offers an ideal introduction, teaching canvas preparation, shape drawing, and using acrylic paints. It’s a canvas of fun waiting to be painted!

Weedy Sea Dragon, January 16th 2024

Discover the enchanting world of the Weedy Sea Dragon, Victoria’s marine emblem, found on Sydney’s northern beaches. In this workshop, older students will delve into the dragon’s habitat, the seagrasses of shallow estuaries. They will also learn various painting techniques and embark on a journey in marine conservation and art!

Starry Night Inspiration, January 17th 2024

Pay homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces. Children will learn the art of designing spaces, drawing their visions, and using paints and crayons to create their framed masterpieces. A workshop filled with joy and creativity! The finished artwork is framed before being taken home. 

The Great Barrier Reef, January 18th 2024

Dive into the vibrant world beneath the waves as young artists delve into the intricate ecosystems of coral reefs. From colourful coral formations to the diverse marine life, including the silhouette of dolphins swimming to the surface that calls these reefs home, participants will have the opportunity to bring this underwater wonderland to life on canvas. 

Under the Sea, January 19th 2024

Grant your young artists freedom as they create underwater scenes on canvas. The ocean’s depths become their canvas, from rocks and plants to shells, fish, mermaids, and sharks. An opportunity for innate creativity to flourish!

Cupcakes, January 22nd 2024

This workshop is perfect for younger students who love to create and decorate. In this multi-layered, multi-skilled workshop, they will imagine their favourite flavours and paint unique decorations for each one, sparkly, rainbow-coloured cupcake creations on canvas and witness the delightful results of this immensely popular and enjoyable workshop.

Summer Swimming January 23rd 2024

In this engaging workshop, our older artists will have the exciting opportunity to create a vibrant self-portrait using mixed media techniques. Capture the essence of summer fun and personal style, swimming, snorkelling or floating on a Lilo as you blend watercolours to create textures and patterns using various materials to bring your unique personality to life. This workshop is a celebration of individuality and the spirit of summer! 

Cockatoo, January 24th 2024

In our final week, embrace the tactile joy of air-drying clay sculpture as our youngest students will learn how to build an armature and sculpt in clay a Sulpher crested cockatoo, finishing the day painting their cockatoo creations before taking them home. 

Major Mitchell,  January 25th 2024

Conclude the holiday workshops with much-loved three-dimensional sculptures. From drawing to clay handling, building an armature, and painting, students follow a captivating process to bring Major Mitchell birds to life. An artistic grand finale!

Until then, keep creating and embracing the magic of art!

Warm Regards,

Julia Sawicki and Basia Zielinska