In Term Four, our creative focus is self-portraitures, our students learn how to draw and then paint their own self-portrait.

We offer art courses each term to cater for three different age groups. Monday and Tuesday afternoons are for students that are 6-8 years old, Wednesday Thursday and Friday afternoons are for students 9- 12 years old and our Saturday morning art class is for teenagers.

Each age group follow the same steps in developing a drawing, and then a painting of their portrait, the difference with the younger group is they will choose a mammal a plant, reptile or bird. I will then teach them how to draw and paint one of these varieties with their portrait as a group.

The mature-aged students have more freedom to choose any Amazon animals and plants that they would like to include in there portrait composition.

We assist in demonstrating the fundamentals of drawing and painting, giving them a strong foundation and the confidence in developing their unique portrait.