This year I was inspired by the “Great ocean Odessey.” A documentary about the east Australian ocean currents and the animals that live in this area of the ocean.

At the start of term, I provide my students with loads of images that they then choose their favourite that they would like to draw, paint and create a sculpture of in paper clay.

Our youngest students are six to eight years old and attend our Monday or Tuesday class. They vote on one animal from the sea. I then demonstrate step by step the process of sketching the design of the sculpture and how to sculpt it in paper clay and how to paint the sculpture. The last few weeks of term our students create a composition and acrylic painting of their chosen animal, the painting is framed and is taken home with their sculpture.

Our older students are nine to twelve years old in our Wednesday and Thursday classes. Teens in our Saturday morning class, they choose whatever sea animal they would like and create the sculptures themselves and paintings themselves. I usually have a prototype that I demonstrate techniques and processes during the class.
We have a wonderful collection of sculptures and paintings that our students created this year. I am very proud of their achievements.

Creatively yours
Julia Sawicki