Our Easter School Holiday online art course was a first for Art Box Workshops, and we had very positive feedback from parents and students Australia Wide, I feel it was a huge success. It had given me confidence with the development of or term two, online course. This course started on Monday the 4th of May with a new art class suitable for each age group be posted each week until the 22nd of June.

I presented our term two art classes as 5 to 12 short and informative video demonstrations for each module, the modules for the term time classes had more options to try different landscapes and animal postures, sketching and drawing a design was the focus in the first week of the module.
For example the hammerhead shark in the first week.


 Each of the PDFs would have video demonstrations and could be, watched/paused and rewatched so that the students could get as much as they need at a pace they could handle. I had feedback from parents saying that they also enjoyed the classes.

The following week we would then explore how to apply colour, the younger students crayon and watercolour the older students watercolour and coloured pencils.

Each sample is with a video demonstration.

Once completed students were able to upload photographs of their finished artworks (via the online classroom) and to say I have been amazed by their incredible achievements is an understatement – thank you again for your support. 

Some samples of online students artworks from term two art classes.


Valuable skills are taught in these modules and will equip your child with information that will help them in all future art classes

North Sydney Council has invited us to hold another exhibition in October, our student’s artworks last year was the most visited and successful exhibition at the inTransit Art Space, at North Sydney Council.

Artworks completed during the Easter online art classes and term two art classes will be eligible for selection for the exhibition.