Basia and Julia would like to thank all of the parents and carers that had enrolled  there children into our festive workshops, we had a wonderful time getting into the festive spirit before Christmas.

This is a short video of all the children’s creations during the week.

Art Box Workshops, Pre – Christmas Workshop descriptions.

Christmas tree decorations at Art box Workshops

Our very popular pre-Christmas workshop where students paint tree bauballs,  which make wonderful gifts.  We offer several designs which include patterns and motifs. Our young students love this workshop.

Christmas Bear painting at Art Box Workshops

This is such a lovely new workshop, teaching our students how to paint a teddy bear. There is a skill extension for the older students in this pre-Christmas mixed class. The students will have scope to choose their own designs for the decoration on the side of the heart shaped box.

Christmas clay decorations at Art Box Workshops

There is something magical about clay which all our students just love. We use air-dry clay which does not need to be fired.  The students enjoy forming the clay around a paper core, making them light for hanging on the tree for Christmas Eve.

Christmas tree painting at Art Box Workshops

This workshop sold out quickly when we first offered it and because of the many aspects of design, very much enjoyed by our students.  They can choose how to decorate the tree and what kind of gifts to place underneath. The students also enjoy the added aspect of some sparkles for their trees.

Christmas Fairy Penguin sculpture at Art Box Workshops

Our newest addition to our clay sculpture repertoire is just so cute!  He can be festive with a hat) or just plain. Either way a delight to make.