Winter is the perfect season for kids to explore their artistic talents and engage in fun, educational activities. We’re excited to offer a series of winter school holiday workshops at Art Box Workshops designed to inspire creativity and enhance artistic skills. From vibrant colour spectrums to detailed clay sculptures, our workshops cater to young artists of all ages. Here’s a sneak peek into our fantastic lineup for July 2024!

Monday, 8th of July: Colour Spectrum and Pattern Workshop

Colour spectrum artwork at Art Box Workshops

Kick off the winter holidays with our Colour Spectrum and Pattern Workshop, perfect for children aged 6-8. This vibrant session will teach kids to create captivating patterns and understand the colour spectrum. They’ll explore how different hues interact, creating beautiful, aesthetically pleasing designs. Each child will take home a framed piece of art to cherish.

Tuesday, 9th of July: Tiger Workshop

Tiger painting at Art Box Workshops

Animal lovers aged 9-12 will adore our Tiger Workshop. Students will choose a cropped image of a tiger’s face and paint it on canvas, creating their unique masterpiece. This exciting workshop combines creativity with an appreciation for wildlife, making it a must-attend event for young artists.

Wednesday, 10th of July: Aboriginal-Inspired Gecko Workshop

Gecko painting at Art Box Workshops

Discover the rich art culture of our Aboriginal heritage in this popular workshop for children aged 6-8. Students will paint a charming gecko on canvas, choosing their colours after a simple colour theory lesson. This fun and educational session ensures each child takes home a beautiful, unique piece of art.

Thursday, 11th of July: Mt Kosciuszko Winter Scene Workshop

Mt Kosciuszko painting at Art Box Workshops

Celebrate winter with our Mt Kosciuszko workshop for students aged 9-12. This mixed-media session, designed by Julia Sawicki, features texture mediums, palette knives, collage with handmade papers, and stamping. Students will create a stunning winter scene on paper, resulting in a framed piece of art that captures the season’s beauty.

Friday, 12th of July: Introduction to Still Life Workshop

still life painting at Art Box Workshops

Join us for a fun and educational still-life workshop for children aged 6-8. Students will learn still-life techniques by drawing, painting, and creating collages on a custom background. Each child will frame their artwork, making this a delightful and skill-building experience.

Monday, 15th of July: Naïve Village Landscape Workshop

Naive landscape painting at Art Box Workshops

In this landscape painting workshop for children aged 6-8, young artists will learn to place a building within a naïve landscape, focusing on the horizon, trees, and flowers. This engaging session will help them create beautiful and charming artwork.

Tuesday, 16th of July: Abstract Monoprint Workshop

printmaking at Art Box Workshops

Our annual Abstract Monoprints workshop is perfect for children aged 9-12. Students will begin with a simple colour theory lesson and create several three-layer prints. They will then compile their beautiful artwork into a lovely concertina book to take home.

Wednesday, 17th of July: Painting Lots of Love Workshop

love painting at Art Box Workshops

In this heartfelt workshop for children aged 6-8, we let our students’ imaginations guide us! Responding to their love for painting hearts, we incorporate interesting background layering techniques to enhance their creations. With a touch of glitter for added fun, this session promises a satisfying and enjoyable painting experience.

Thursday, 18th of July: Clay Lion Workshop

Lion sculpture at Art Box Workshops

Our clay workshops are always a hit with students aged 9-12. In this session, young artists will sculpt a lion’s head, starting with drawings from two angles to use as reference points. This detailed process helps them create stunning and lifelike sculptures.

Friday 19th of July: Echidna Sculpture Workshop

Echidna sculpture at Art Box Workshops

Introduce your child to the art of sculpture with our Echidna workshop, perfect for ages 6-8. Students will learn basic sculpting skills, including using an armature and recreating the texture of an Echidna’s spines with special clay tools. This tactile experience with clay is sure to inspire young artists!

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