Greater glider and powerful owl

“No place to hide, mixed media printmaking.

Group artwork created by our 6 – 8-year-old students.
Term 2, Monday after school art classes, (26th April – 21st June, before the 2021 Sydney lockdown)

Selected finalist of the “Wild at art” threatened species event hosted by ACF, Australian Conservation Foundation you are all welcomed to join this online event. Click here to join. 

With more than 3000 children taking part in this year’s event, The Australian Conservation Foundation showcase the fantastic artworks at an online event on 7th September 2021 National Threatened spaces day.   The artworks created by children help to raise awareness of Australia’s threatened animals and plants.

Students reflections whilst creating the artwork.

The girls in the art class chose the very cute and vulnerable ‘greater glider’ whilst the boys wanted to feature something more powerful and what better than the ‘powerful owl’ – the natural predator of the glider.

Habitat loss through forest clearing is having a dramatic effect on the numbers of both species. Fewer trees mean fewer hiding spaces for the glider and easier prey for the owl; however, this also means fewer nesting spots for the owl and so their numbers are also in decline.

It was very interesting watching the two groups working separately on two different heroes to then coming together to combine into a single stunning and very moving artwork.

Thank you for your collaboration and creativity

Stephane L, Alexander L, Doris L,

Audrey M, Caroline W, Tristan P, Mia P,
Penelope A.

Art Box Workshops is dedicated to collaborate and bring awareness through the creative arts and education, teaching children about threatened species and environmental issues.
We strive to help bring awareness to the importance of taking care of our mother earth for future generations.

Our students have been awarded finalists each year for threatened species art competitions since 2016.

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