Wild at Art 2022 Prize
I am proud to announce that Art Box Workshops students have been awarded yearly prize winners since 2016.
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Art Box Workshops have entered the following artworks for this year’s competition.

Turquoise parrot painting created at Art Box Workshops

Turquoise parrot, mixed media prints created by term two’s Monday afternoons art class 6 – 8 years old. 756 x 1020

Birdy, birdy, flying high.

John Olson’s. “You beaut country”, an abstract painting of the Australian outback, inspired the background of our group artwork of the Turquoise Parrot that favours open grassy woodland for its natural habitat.

The Turquoise Parrot is bright and stands out in the Australian countryside, unlike the red golden and brown fur colour of feral predators such as foxes and cats that have an unfair advantage of camouflage when hunting for prey.

The only hope for the Turquoise parrot is that it can fly high, and a ban should be placed on foxes and feral cats in our country.

Artists Statement written by Ved J,

Artwork created by

By Stephane L, Alexander L, Siddhi G, Jasmin L, Lolanthe L, Caleb L, Ved J, Aria A, Emily W.

little penguine artwork created at Art Box Workshops

Little Penguin mixed media prints, term two, Tuesday afternoons art class 6 – 9 years old. (Dimentions 746 X 1003)


Little Penguins get stuck in plastic pollution

Did you know that little penguins are the smallest penguins ever? They only weigh 1.5kg and have a lifespan of six to seven years. Little Penguins eat krill and small fish. Underwater, a group of little Penguins, is called a raft; on land, they are called a waddle. Because of plastic pollution, little penguins are decreasing by a lot. They are getting stuck in your plastic shopping bags and food packaging. We can prevent this from happening by recycling and reusing plastic. You should not use single-use plastic and ban plastic at the seaside.

Artists Statement written by Lola L.

Artwork created by

Lola L, Zara H, Cleo L, Claudia O, Grayson R, Kenneth C, Elliot F, Chloe C, Annabelle H.


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