Discover the Magic of Winter Holiday Workshops at Art Box Studios!

As the chilly winds of winter sweep across the landscape, our studio comes alive with vibrant creativity and artistic exploration. The recent winter holiday workshops held at Art Box have been nothing short of a visual delight, and we’re excited to share some of the captivating highlights that unfolded during this season of inspiration.

Monday, July 3rd: “Gouldian Finch” Watercolour Wonder Kicking off our winter workshops was a splendid watercolour journey into the world of Native Australian Birds. Young artists aged 6 to 8 began a creative adventure, refining their drawing skills and experimenting with watercolour paints. Led by the talented Julia Sawick, students crafted beautiful artwork and learned the art of framing, transforming their creations into framed masterpieces.

Tuesday, July 4th: “Orange” – Exploring the Extraordinary For the older creative minds, a special “Off the Edge” workshop was held. Young artists between 9 to 12 years of age embarked on a journey of discovery, learning to capture the intricate details of a vibrant Orange fruit through a unique cropping technique. Under the guidance of Julia Sawick, each canvas became a canvas of imagination, offering a close-up perspective that resulted in captivating artwork.

Wednesday, July 5th: “Abstract Microorganism” – Unveiling the Unseen Inspired by the intricate world of microorganisms, our young artists aged 6 to 8 delved into the realm of abstract art. Through a medley of techniques such as sponging, blending, glazing, and stencilling, students explored the fascinating interplay of warm and cool colours, producing mesmerizing effects on canvas.

Thursday, July 6th: “Frida Kahlo Inspired Self-Portrait” – A Floral Fusion Channeling the spirit of the iconic Frida Kahlo, our older students (ages 9 to 12) embarked on a journey of self-expression and imagination. Guided by Julia Sawick, the workshop led them to create self-portraits infused with Australian native flora and fauna, much like Kahlo’s trademark style. Each canvas became a canvas of reflection and creativity.

Friday, July 7th: “Pygmy Possum Hibernating” – Celebrating Winter Wonders The spirit of winter was alive as our young artists aged 6 to 8 captured the essence of the native Pygmy possum hibernating in Australia’s sub-alpine region. Through mixed media techniques, including drawing, watercolour, and collage, each artwork depicted the seasonal beauty of winter, adorned with alpine flowers and berries.

These are just a few glimpses of the immersive artistic journey that unfolded at our Art Box Winter Holiday Workshops. Each workshop ignited imaginations and sparked creativity in young hearts, from Indigenous-inspired dot paintings and naïve winter landscapes to monoprints of the Orange Bellied Parrot and sculpting the Sydney Powerful Owl.

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