Art Box Workshops’ Annual Student Show: Celebrating Young Artists and Conservation Advocates

Art Box Workshops is thrilled to be again invited by the North Sydney Council to exhibit our students’  at the InTransit Gallery in North Sydney. This year’s student show showcases the talent and dedication of our primary school students, who have participated in both collaborative and individual art projects during our school holiday workshops and term-time art classes.

School Holiday Workshop Artworks:

Our school holiday workshops were brimming with enthusiasm and creativity, resulting in a collection of diverse and captivating artworks. Two of the standout pieces featured in the exhibition are:

1.    My Favourite Cat Mixed Media: This artwork exudes a delightful combination of various materials, capturing the essence of a beloved feline friend.

2.    Watermelon, Acrylic Painting: A vivid and refreshing acrylic painting depicting a delicious watermelon, revealing the artist’s skilful use of colours and brushstrokes.

Artworks from Art Classes:

Our term-time art classes allowed students to explore different art forms and techniques. Several notable pieces from these classes are on display at the exhibition:

1.    Favourite Things, Term One, Fundamentals of Drawing and Painting: This artwork demonstrates the student’s mastery of fundamental drawing and painting techniques as they express their favourite things.

2.    Favourite Australian Animal, Term Two, Printmaking: Australian fauna took centre stage in this printmaking piece, with students expressing their love for their favourite native animals through art.

Artworks entered into The Children’s Threatened Species Competition:

Art Box Workshops encourages its students to create art and advocate for conservation and environmental awareness. Every year, our students participate in “The Children’s Threatened Species Competition,” which aims to raise awareness about over 1000 endangered plants and animals in NSW alone.

Since 2016, Art Box Workshops has consistently been recognized for its exceptional contributions to the competition. As one of the facilitators for this esteemed contest, we have witnessed its growth into one of Australia’s largest children’s art competitions, with more than 2000 participants from 63 schools and 14 art school facilitators across NSW, ACT, and SA.

This Year’s Competition Entries:

This year, our students have submitted two thought-provoking Group artworks to the competition:

1.    Little Penguin and Plastic Pollution: This poignant piece sheds light on the detrimental impact of plastic pollution on our precious marine life, using art as a medium to advocate for a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

2.    Birdy, Birdy, Flying High: Celebrating the beauty and significance of the Turquoise Parrot in our ecosystem, this artwork serves as a reminder of the importance of protecting their habitats from feral cats and foxes and fostering a harmonious coexistence with nature.

The finalists for the competition will be announced in November 2022, and we eagerly await the results, confident that our student’s artistic talents and dedication to conservation will once again shine through.

Art Box Workshops takes immense pride in its young artists’ achievements and commitment to raising environmental conservation awareness. The annual student show at the Intransit Gallery showcases their artistic prowess and underscores the power of art as a medium to advocate for causes close to their hearts. We thank the North Sydney Council for their continuous support and recognition of our student’s artistic endeavours.