Students drawing and paintings at Art Box Workshops

The students that attend our term one art classes develop confidence and skills, learning the fundamentals of drawing and painting.

This year our students learned how to sketch and draw Native Australian Flowers. I offer students helpful tips whilst demonstrating step by step the drawing process, helping them overcome doubts about their ability to draw and keeping it fun for the younger students to express their imagination.

They practice how to use measurement, consider space and composition whilst refining their artwork. They learn how to apply tone (value) by shading to finalise their drawing.

The older students go further with their still life by exploring other drawing mediums such as charcoal.

Each year we change the themes of our still life subject. In previous years we have explored other still life props such as Seashells, fruit and vegetables, favourite personal objects.

Our younger (6 – 8 years old) students developed their drawing and painting skills by painting a “Still Life” of Native Australian flowers using watercolours. Each student created a unique composition, choosing various objects to include into the final artworks they have framed before taking home.

The older students (9 -12 years old) paintings of Native Australian flowers were elements that they used with coloured shapes and painted line to create an abstract composition. They understood how to use complementary colours and how to create an exciting arrangement that considers shape, form, colour and value. The students frame their final artworks before taking them home.

At the end of the term, all of our students painted an abstract still life of various objects from our studio, such as flowers, paint brushes, pencils, books, paint bottles, cups, teapot, bowls, fruit, shells and drawing figures models. If you look closely at each artwork, you may see each of the objects listed. They used a limited palette and mixed various colours from this palette to develop their final paintings.