Art Box Workshops students portraits

Our students did fantastic work on their portraits this year.  Portrait drawing and painting are among our most challenging terms of the year. There is a lot of information on technique and how to use different mediums, including graphite, for sketching the proportions of each student’s face from life.  

We started with willow charcoal for the older students whilst the younger students created mixed media portraits with wax and watercolour. Both age groups practice oil pastels, inspired by impressionist artworks by Van Gogh and Monet. Finally, each student painted their self-portrait with acrylics.

I’m so proud of the incredible artwork created by each of our students this year we have a few students that have been with us for many years, and it’s terrific to see the progression of skill development each time they attend our term four portraiture art classes.

Term 4 portraiture 2020
Term 4 portraiture 2019
Term 4 portraiture 2018

I look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Creatively yours

Julia Sawicki